Henderson, Panther and Couchsachraga Peaks


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Day 2. Henderson, Panther and Couch. Something very different.

02/10/2018 - Henderson, Panther, Couchsachraga - Start: 7:18 AM Finish: 5:04 PM

Alistair, Jean and I began without Mastergrasshopper who was slow in getting away from randomscoots. We tramped and tramped our way to the Bradley Pond lean-to and soaking wet already dropped packs and began the steep .37 mile whack in very deep snow. Thanks to a tracklog I had from a trip from Henderson Lake over Henderson to the lean-to we had mostly open woods. But, the trees were totally covered in loose snow that showered us copiously and repeatedly. There was no sense brushing ourselves off. One hour to go up, 15 mins. back down.

We decided to not stop at the lean-to, just grab a quick gulp of water, shoulder the packs and keep generating body heat. Soaking wet clothing transmits heat away from you very efficiently. We made Herald Square and Panther without incident and at Times Square saw MG and an arrow towards Couch etched in the snow. Glen, as Alistair has surmised went directly out to Couch to break the trail. (We knew the trail had only been broken to Panther.) We had an easy trip down to the swamp and met Glen on the first bump. He was in fine spirits, totally in his element on his way home from breaking trail out to Couch. We made the grueling trip back up to Times Square and made it down Panther Brook in record time being able to go into a split stance and ski on perfect snow. The road walk was a bit of a slog and we made it out for something like an 11-hour day.

My plan called for a return the next morning to finish the job with big and little Santanonis.