Big Slide Mountain - 01/29/2018


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The next morning found me all alone at about 6:45 crunching loudly on the ice of Big Slide. On the exposed parts of the Brothers the rock was mostly bare as I expected and past the Brothers the ice had given way to packed snow over a base of ice and this was great. I took tons of pictures of undercast and partially shrouded summits. I hung out on the summit for a while sipping hot tea and nibbling on biscuits and chocolate taking more pictures. The descent was very fast (90 minutes) and back at 'Scoots we popped the card into the TV and had an instant replay of my hike! Big Slide put me at 50 peaks but I estimate only 40% of the work is done.

This project is one of the most amazing things I have ever done. So many experiences have been packed tightly into so few weeks. So many great people have hiked with me. The outcome is always in doubt but I'm inspired and motivated to succeed.


Start: 7:00 AM Finish: 11:11 AM
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